Brief Background

I am a certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner based in Cardiff and Caerphilly and my motto has always been "Go with the flow and let the universe guide you the way."

What I have learned throughout my awakening was that life was just one of many experiences and that there is so much more to learn and to do. Getting the wake-up call was not easy, the amount of unlearning and learning has not stopped. We all have a part to play on Mother Gaia and working on our spirituality is one of them. 

By connecting with the Oversoul, we learn of our past experiences and abilities and bring them forth in this lifetime. Light language came through during my awakening a few years ago (see Light Language), through this ability I have been able to heal myself and so much more. What I have been focusing on now is how to live a life of balance and help play my part raising the consciousness and vibration, bringing as much light into this and other realms as possible, knowing that we are multidimensional and accepting that we have a part to play in many other dimensions too. 

Our understanding comes usually after experiencing first, when the dots are connected you will feel a knowing and wonder why did I not understand that before? Little by little, we are given different lessons, trials and tests, however we are given the opportunity to find more about ourselves through QHHT which is why I chose to study and become a practitioner. There is always a sense of gratification in this role and I hope I am able to help you finding out about who you truly are.

Bring yourself towards the light of the divine and the love of the divine. Do not be afraid to know, do not be afraid to understand, do not be afraid to know who you truly are.

Love, Light and Peace to you all.