The following art including the symmetry collection were handdrawn/painted over the last year, you can focus on any of the art pieces and see how you feel afterwards. 

Your soul will absorb and know, just allow your heart to see and to feel.

Tu'an - Queen of the Cosmos

Butterfly…. Transforming into the light... World begins its shift... Wise work in harmony ... Students fulfill their missions... Waking up humanity... Peace to reign again... Find your way forward... Divine is all around... Prepare yourself for changes... Accept that change will be... Unification of communities... Rising of the light warriors... Ascending you... Your place within this plane... With all support you need... Be sovereign from the evil... Be free from all lies... Question everything... Answers will become known... As all held within... Changing... Changing... Changing... …Lao Tsu An intense piece on the left which will help you in times of change. Memories once forgotten, will return for understanding… Love, light and peace to you all 💕

Activation of dragon energies. Alahsonwah maha tao. Meditate on the picture to help bring the part of you which is connected to all that is and activate the dragon energies. When you bring yourself to knowing, the divine force will carry you forward. That is not to say you don't have to do anything, you still need to find out for yourself about who you truly are...

A lesson…. The roles of teaching. When guiding our children we neglect the freedom that we’ve chosen to experience…. Let this be your understanding. This art piece is for those who have chosen to ignore. We all have our own missions, we all have our own lessons, we all have our own paths but one thing we should all work towards in times of change, is to accept change. No longer can you ignore what is happening to this shift, the programs that have been set to control us are being deactivated, one by one they will all be broken down. The light will prevail. Light codes and art - activation of DNA strands, awakening, connection to the divine, clearing, healing, summoning your galactic family, your guides from the higher dimensions. Feathers - angelic realm, reminder they are always available to you. You only need to ask. Begin your journey of knowing who you truly are. Love, light and peace to you all 💕😘

Sea Life… Respect the waters and the abundance of life in the oceans Water represents rejuvenation You can find so much healing just from water alone Forgive the natural elements that takes over the lands, you all are beings of light… Love, light a peace to you all 💕

Lahasoha Mahasoha, Remember the times when all were united. Loha sonta cacahan, Release the fear of who you are, Konsa togontawahma Believe we can truly be One with all that is. Solloha mosancha kosontha. Wise remembers everything, the teaching from Lahasoha Mahasoha. From tomorrow until then. From tonight until then. Where do we look for how we should become? Be reminded that what we have in front of us is what we should cherish. Tansagotha Happiness comes when we do not feel we are missing something. Allow your true being to come forward and never expect what that has not come. Tatahamsagatha. Love you all 💞

Brightest Being

Maha Sonwahsacha

Oneness with Dragon

Releasing Dragons

Eternal loving energies

For eternal loving energies. Say: hohosanwahsowah ahasorseenosah maha tao, breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out... balance honsanyasee, breathe in... breathe out.... breathe normally.