The change needed in the human family

We have begun to see the changes happening within the world in relation to shortage on certain resources. Our ability to think ahead and plan ahead is increasingly needed. Being self-reliant has always been something which we must all aim towards. Communities are the future. To rely on each other for support is one that will help bring stablity in the everchanging environment.

The awareness to bring the Higher Self forward to work in harmony as One has become evermore urgent. Preparing yourself requires discipline and the ability to see beyond the daily notions of life. We are all working multidimensionally, recognise that part of you which is connected to All That Is. Learning is an opportunity, not something to disregard.

When teachings come forth and messages are given, it is your subconscious that is absorbing the information and your ego mind making assumptions about what it may mean. Instead, look within. As humans, we are curious, stay curious. We have our guides and angels around to help us at all times. If there is something that you do not understand, just ask.

We all have the ability to work on ourselves, we need to be available to support those who are vulnerable and our children. The world that we live in has created such a divide that unity seemed to have slowly removed itself. As we continue our journey of life here on Earth, we have to trust that changes are for us to adapt to and not to shy away from.

If your views and opinions are different from your family, again, look within for answers rather than outside of yourself. You have this ability, you have everything you need inside you to help guide you. If roles are to change, then let the roles be changed. You will feel the urgency, you will feel the difference of opinions, it may upset you however be stronger, be a leader. You will know how and what to do if you allowed your worries and stresses to be let go of and to be in stillness. The courage and determination will grow in you, here is where you will feel different. Whenever you are doing something that is called forth from you, you will not worry or have any fear about what other people may think or say. It will be a natural feeling and you will have the confidence in continuuing.

Do not be afraid to change and to adapt. We are born to be free and fluid.