Mother Gaia and many other planets within the multiverses require healing and raising of consciousness and vibrations. Part of our role being incarnated into this dimension is to bring more light and help with the raising of vibrations so that we can all catch up with each other, eventually working hand in hand helping all the planets.

Starting with our intentions to raise vibration and bringing light and love during our meditation, we will begin our journey of serving others by helping them raise their own vibrations and in turn, continue this work subconsciously.

Raising Edens refer to helping all the other planets as well as Mother Gaia. We use a fraction of our soul during our incarnation here on Earth, our other segments can help with this if your intention is set and the other part of you which is the OverSoul can help you achieve this.

How can you be part of Raising Edens?

Set aside some time once a week to meditate with the intention of raising vibrations. Allow your heart to connect with nature and the Creator to bring in the healing and the light necessary to help you achieve this. Every one of us has the potential to help, it is whether you are willing to which makes all the difference.