QHHT Connection with the OverSoul

When you decide to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session, you are giving yourself the opportunity to connect with the OverSoul.

What is OverSoul?

The OverSoul is the part of you that is connected to the God Source. It is known by many names: The Self, Higher Self, Atma, Atman, Knowledge, Holy Spirit, Subconscious, Greater Mind. 

Definition from Helena Petrovna Blatvatsky:

"Atma the inseparable ray of the Universe and one self. It is the God above, more than within, us"

"We say that the Spirit, or Atman, is no individual property of any man, but is the Divine essence which has no body, no form, which is imponderable, invisible and indivisible, that which does not exist and yet is … It only overshadows the mortal; that which enters into him and pervades the whole body being only its omnipresent rays, or light, radiated through Buddhi, its vehicle and direct emanation."

Connection with Source

What many people are unaware, is that we have always been connected to the OverSoul, it is always there, within us. When we meditate, we connect with the OverSoul, it is the bigger part of all of us who has all the information about us as an individual and our lives in the past, present and future. 

When we meditate we go into a trance-like state where we can receive guidance, insights and wisdom from the OverSoul, guides and angels.

During the QHHT session, we can access the sonambulistic level of trance and obtain healing and answers to many life questions if an when appropriate. Every QHHT session is unique, every individual have their own lessons and journey to take. Ultimately, our goal is to unite and become One with the OverSoul so that our lives are always directed towards achieving the purpose we came to do in the best way possible.