Unlike other hypnotherapy sessions, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Sessions takes a little longer. One session is usually enough and will be a minimum of 4 hours. The QHHT sessions have to be done face to face because we are working with the OverSoul and to keep you within close proximity for your safety (there will not be any internet disruptions which can happen with other online practices). Be very wary of those who advertise QHHT online sessions because those who have studied directly with Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon, know very well that online sessions are a big NO.


What it entails

We begin with an in-depth informal interview, getting to know and understand you and your life. (About 2 hours)

You will then be asked to lay down in another room and you will be asked to see some things. (No more than 2 hours)

When we're done, we'll talk about what you saw (minimum 30 minutes)

When you have a QHHT session with me, you can be rest assured that your session will be kept confidential and it will only be myself and you in the room. It will be ideal for you to book the time off because after the session, it will allow yourself to have time to self-reflect.

Your session is recorded

After the session your conscious waking mind may say "is that really me?" "am I making this up?", rather than question whether or not it happened, keep your mind open because after the session, your mind will be in a heightened state where the doors to your OverSoul will be ever present for about 3 days. Here, you have the opportunities to ask questions you may have forgotten to ask about and receive guidance or answers to. 

Your session is recorded and you get to keep a copy of your session. You are advised to listen to the recording at least once. If you have physical ailments and have asked for healing, it would be beneficial for you to listen to it several times to amplify the healing. 


Preparing for the Session

List of Questions - please take some time to think of what questions you want to ask and to have answers for. These can be health/family/phobias/relationship/work related or life purpose or direction. Your Oversoul is like a library of information, it's your opportunity to ask whatever you want and if appropriate to you, you will be given the answers.

Drink - please refrain from alcohol consumption just before the session and try not to drink too much fluids just before the session as you will be so relaxed during it, that you may want to visit the bathroom often.

Medication - Please take your medication as usual

Meditation - it is not a prerequisite however if you are feeling anxious and your session is a while away, meditating to keep your mind still really helps. A good practice for you would be talking to yourself and saying positive affirmations. Even if your mind wanders and you cannot keep your mind still, by saying positive affirmations and bringing the attention back to the wonderful positive words will help you a lot.

There are many other meditation practices available on different media platforms such as YouTube and lots of very useful websites available if you search in any internet search engine.

Surrogate sessions - If you know a family member or friend who would benefit from a session but they are unable to have a session done on themselves, I can offer surrogate sessions where you can have the session done on their behalf.


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