Many of us experience different problems within our lives. Sometimes you will meet others who may be experiencing the same situations, the same scenarios but living in a different town or country or even the other side of the world.

Has it ever occured to you why are the situations the same? Do you ever question, is life just about work, family, making money, getting a house and fulfilling our needs and that was all there was to it? Have you ever felt that nothing seem to be able to fulfil the feeling you have inside, as though something is always missing? Do not worry, you are not alone.

There are many people every day who struggle to find what the feeling they have deep inside of them might be and may dismiss it and continue on their daily lives. For those who listen to the yearning, will find themselves an opportunity to search within and find the answers.

Over the hundreds and thousands of years, we humans have been given different practices as guidelines to help us search within and bring us back to who we truly are. Meditation is a form of looking within and allowing you to try and be at peace with yourself. With the lifestyles we have within our modern lives, we have not been able to really appreciate ourselves and our surroundings.

There is no such thing as "I haven't got time", you make time. Always make time for yourself.

Within each and everyone of us, we hold the key. We have many closed doors, sometimes we close the door and have not been able to face what's behind it. When we close the door and hide away from a situation, we have not given ourselves the chance to release. The more we close ourselves, the more tension it builds and sooner or later like a volcano, it will erupt. When eruption occurs, it will be very difficult to run away from the flowing lava and escape the ash cloud and smoke. If we can allow ourselves to open up the closed doors to release and relieve, we will be able to move on.

Support is always available to you, if you just look carefully. We are more than just our bodies, we have many divine energies around us. For some, they can see the auras and energies surrounding us. Just because some cannot see it, does not mean they are not there. WiFi is not visible to our eyes, neither are x-rays, gamma rays, radiowaves nor the air we breathe. We just know we have them and they are available. We are all receivers, our ears help us to hear, our voicebox allows us to talk. We are wonderful beings and are more than just human.

There are many meditational practices available to us, talking to ourselves and being in stillness allows us to open our ears to listen to the messages that have been trying to get to us. Our Oversoul or Higher Self as you may call it is trying to reach us, the guides we have chosen to journey together have been trying to reach us, the angels are working hard to get us to see and to understand.

Until we allow ourselves to have peace and be still, it will be difficult to be able to hear what they are trying to tell us. That gut feeling, that intuition, why do you feel these?

They are our Oversoul, guides and angels trying to warn us or tell us we should do something or not do something.

How often do we listen to this?

Our Oversoul knows us very well, it is waiting for us to talk to it and give us help. We have to look within. One way to do this, is through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniqueâ„  (QHHT).

A hypnosis technique refined by Dolores Cannon over many decades and thousands of sessions with individuals, helping them, help themselves.

One session of hypnosis which can last between 4 to 6 hours, will allow you to find out about yourself, your True Self.