When you discover your purpose and what you are here for, you will find out that you're possibly from another star system. There are millions of stars, planets and beings that are currently not discovered, however when we move towards ascension, we will be discovering so much more.

Message from Sirius B Council

"When you are given the opportunity to surrender towards the lifeforce that is connected to all that is, your pathway widens. An arch over the pathway, is like a protective barrier that keeps you enclosed and allows you to fulfill what you are meant to do.

When you fear this and trust dissolves, your pathway becomes clouded. You fear what's ahead, you fear what's not happened and what is to come. When we allow ourselves to experience the turmoil that occurs within our own minds, the fear can take ourselves away from what is truth.

Being exposed to both sides of polarity means a balance can be reached. It can be reached from experience that we have gained. Some people may feel the lessons we come to learn are not as important as bringing the community together for a better future. Some people believe that bringing new concepts into a world that have been stagnant for generations are not worth the time and effort to explore. 

As an observer, we feel the great need to be in existence. We feel the great need to unite. We feel the freedom that we all should achieve and to become free from the enslavement of humanity. Who can tell you what to do? Who can you seek for enlightenment? Why are you seeking for the answers? Who can give you all these forms of thinking and questioning and ideas? 

Be a good person? be a wise person? be someone who can be of help to others? be someone who can bring lessons into other people's lives? be someone who can bring divine light and energy into this realm of obstruction? we all have a choice to make. Living our lives in the way that we want, to be free. How free? If all beings were free would the hatred stop? would there be peace? What does being free actually mean? 

We all have our own versions of being free. Free from a relationship, free from health issues? free from worry? is it that type of free we are talking about? Being free from the control that exists beyond the conditioning of our World. The freeing of being inside a box and not being able to escape because we closed ourselves in. To be free from the constraints of our own limited thinking? Being free to do what we are here to do and to fulfill our missions that we set out so we can leave and reunite with our spiritual families.

"Free from" you see that on the shelf for those who suffer from allergies. Those words are given to us in different forms. The movies that are produced, we are spoon fed little by little about what is to come. How awake are you to notice these? How awake are you to accept the truth is all around us? Your job that you do today, what difference can it make to the future of generations? Do you just serve and give to yourself or do you serve and offer assistance to others when they need it?

Creation exists not by accidental thoughts. 

To your nations, we would like a New Life bringing freedom that we all need."