A few years ago during my awakening, my light language skills were activated naturally. I can speak, dance, write, draw and sing, I am one with the Oversoul and this is the aim for all of us. I have come to realise that my past life had a number of challenges and any sacred art had to be hidden, these would be encoded in walls and buildings, unless you are meant to know, the artwork would seem like it's nothing special. However, for those who knew they could open portals, given you information and much much more. Unless you are completely still and keep your focus on it, your oversoul will be able to dicipher these and you will feel it or become to know what it is.

Light Language

Light Language can come through different forms. They can be spoken, sung, written or drawn with symbols. The series of tones, frequencies, symbols and codes that come through are very powerful and can bring healing, activation of DNA codes and awakening. The tones can penetrate the cells within your body. Although you may not understand what is being said, your soul and cell does. 

Just like the languages of Earth, there are multiple languages of light. I have seen a few books written and available, there are even teachers teaching this. I was not taught by anyone (maybe not on a conscious level), it just came to me, but when you know our soul never sleeps and we are all part of source, many magical things can happen and does.

Why not contact me today for a session? The 45 minute session can be done either Face to Face or over Video Call via Whatsapp/Skype/Zoom/FaceTime.


Light Coded Art

I have been drawing a number of different art pieces and have begun sharing these with friends and family. I have been given a gift that I am now able to share with the rest of the world. As well as the Light Language Healing Sessions, I also draw personalised Healing Light Coded art, personalised hand drawn light code embedded art and Light Code embedded digital art to help with focus and meditation.

Some examples of the Light Language messages and artwork are shown below.

To listen and to say out loud. For when you feel sad, lost or lonely.

Message from the Elders - Ancestral Councils of Light

This message is to remind us of the Ancestors and that they are here to help and guide. There was a strong urge to share this message. Listen with your heart and feel the message, it will bring you some comfort to know that help is always available.

Light Loving Energising Energy

💕Light loving energising energy for you 💕 Allow yourself to bring in the light and encompass that around you and those around you. Allow the love to encompass around you and your home. Allow the heart chakra to release the emotions that have held you back. Remember you are always loved 💕

No Judgement - I AM

Lighting the Body

As with all Light Language videos, try and listen with your heart and feel the energies coming from the spoken tones, words and frequencies. During this video I felt very light, the experience may be different for you.

Heart Chakra Activation

Activation of your heart chakra, allow this to come through and be able to bring the balance in your life that you need and also to wake others that are still asleep and hopefully when they listen to this, it will come through.


Awaken yourself to know who you can become. Change. The journey of knowing.

Light language embedded in video.

Image from Pixabay

Release and Alignment

Let go and bring yourself back to alignment

Awaken the moon to bring balance to the energies in chaos

Awaken your light

A message from Sirius B Council, your true nature is yet to be discovered. Listen to the messages we bring and awaken the dormant part of you.

Music you hear in the background is from Pandora Journey, please check out their YouTube page for more inspirational Epic music.